Mascara Wands



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BIOSMETICS Mascara Wands/Brushes, disposable

Ideal for separating, curling and combing eyebrows and eyelashes before and/or after any perming, lifting and tinting treatment.

Biosmetics Disposable Mascara Wands offer an hygienic and cost-effective solution for every eyelash and eyebrow treatment. Avoid cross-contamination and give your client peace of mind by using Biosmetics Disposable Mascara Brushes.

Made of nylon the brushes are just the right length for a controlled and precise application.
Material and specification: Nylon bristles head (2.6 cm / 1.02″), total length (9.8 cm / 3.86″)


Content: 50 pieces

Units: Bag

Packaging Unit: 50 Bags

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Bags