Aloe Eye Patches



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Aloe Eye Patches

This eye patch is designed to protect the sensitive lower lid area during lash tinting and lifting treatments.

Aloe extracts and Vitamin C ensure a moisturizing effect and leave the skin feeling refreshed. The extra thin patches are lint free, smooth and easy to work with. They allow professionals to apply tinting and lifting treatments without hassle.

Directions for use: Clean and dry the eye area with Biosmetics Eye Make-Up Remover Foam. Open the bag and peel off the protection film. Apply the patch on top of the lower lashes, taking care not to touch the eye. Caution: Once the bag has been opened, please use immediately. Do not re-use the pads. In case of skin irritation, flush area with water and stop treatment.

Composition/Ingredients: Non-woven cloth coated with hydro-gel, laminated with film. Water, Glycerol, Aloe Extract, Vitamin C

1 Pair / Sachet


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